Melanie E. Stevens Utilizes her Education to Teach Young Adults about Fun Activities that will Keep them in Good Physical Shape

In today’s society, physical education has become a facet of everyday life that is more important than ever before. The plethora of fast-food chains and the mounting number of “quick and easy” products being marketed on TV ads and in magazines are fixations and staples that we must be well-informed about in order to lead healthy lives. Melanie E. Stevens is a physical education teacher at Greece Athena High School in Rochester, New York, who teaches students to participate in sporting activities, which help them maintain healthy, balanced lives, and have fun while doing it.


Ms. Stevens teaches rugby, flag football, softball, soccer and volleyball, among many other sports. She also instructs students on use of the high ropes, low ropes, and teaches those with whom she works to properly handle mountain bicycling, inline skating, rock climbing and wilderness survival and challenge activities. Ms. Stevens earned a Master of Science in Physical Education from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and her education has helped her guide young adults toward upholding creative and healthy lifestyles. She feels that it is important that she make use of her experience to inform young people about physical wellness.


Melanie E. Stevens understands the value of teaching high school students physical education. She teaches a wide array of sports and helps keep the young adults with whom she works fit and healthy. Ms. Stevens is proud to teach young adults about maintaining their physical wellbeing, being committed to their health and learning about new sports and activities.


Melanie E. Stevens instructs students on how to mountain bike


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